Founder's note
It was all a dream...

Growing up sandwiched between my rich Nigerian heritage and the dynamic energy of Brooklyn, I had the best of both worlds. I vividly remember the dazzling array of African and Caribbean women in my neighborhood—each one an embodiment of grace, power, and style in their own right. Their jewelry shimmered, their outfits told stories, and every strand of hair danced to its own unique tune. These were everyday women; they weren’t celebrities, but to me, they were larger than life.

But when I flipped through my beloved fashion magazines, or window shopped by favorite luxury stores, something felt off. Where were these incredible women? Where was that real-world glam?

Out of this yearning to see myself in certain industries, and represented in a certain light, Jooel was born with two resolute missions:

Carving Out Space
My heart throbs with many passions, but the pulse of women's empowerment and Black empowerment beats the strongest. Jooel is more than a brand; it's a legacy. For every little girl with big dreams, here’s your sign: you can, and you will, change the world.

Serving the Everyday Woman: You deserve to look good in all of the small moments that make up our story. Your daily life, punctuated with laughter, leisure, and hustle, deserves to be adorned in style that's effortless, dynamic and sexy without compromise.



Jooel curates affordable pieces

with a decidedly luxurious look


Full of effortless and modern glam that your everyday ensembles def deserve, Jooel is a must-shop


Simplicity meets sophistication at


our mission

Inspire Style.

Your style is unique & personal, so we aim to continuously design pieces you can use to cultivate your dream jewelry collection.

Ignite Confidence.

We’re more than a jewelry brand; we're dedicated to creating a place for self-expression through luxury fashion.

Instill Inclusivity.

Women of all shades and sizes deserve to see representation in luxury brands. Jooel stands on equal visibility and accessibility.

"The woman that wears Jooel is the main character. She’s confident, sexy, sophisticated and stylish. She doesn’t try too hard; her energy speaks for itself. When you see her you immediately know that she's an individual with taste."

- Moyo, Founder

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